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rainbow_iolaniOver the past 38 years ‘Iolani Grace Emmanuel has celebrated the human body, heart and spirit as a professional dancer, healer, teacher and inspired group facilitator. In addition to being a grateful mother, Rev. ‘Iolani is an ordained Interfaith Minister and founder/director of the Sanctuary of Illumination in New York City in 1990. Over the years the Sanctuary of Illumination has also been based in Santa Cruz, California, Whidbey Island, Washington and presently in Mullumbimby, Byron Shire, NSW Australia. ‘Iolani dedicates her life to the love, empowerment and freedom of all life.

With great reverence and respect, Rev. ‘Iolani is a humble vessel for her I Am Presence and the Greater Presence of Life to pour through as facilitator, healer and teacher. She has designed many Classes, Joyshops, Retreats, and Sacred Rite of Passage Journeys to support others in gracefully moving beyond their fears, claiming their Magnificence and Personal Power, living the life of their dreams.

‘Iolani is also a continual humble Student of Life, Ancient Indigenous Cultures and Ancient Mystery School Teachings. ʻIolani is in daily remembrance of all her beautiful Kumu, Wise Elders and Teachers, honouring in them all with great Love and Gratitude.

‘Iolani Grace is an emissary for our Divine Mother (Divine Feminine) and a midwife of Hearts and Souls. Her specialty is Healing Hearts and assisting others to navigate the feeling realm with Grace harnessing their innate power and intuition.

Various ʻRites of Passageʻ are one of her souls gifts to Life where people can begin in one state of being and transform into another with Grace. ‘Iolani loves to empower others to love deeply, trust, and expand in their own Beautiful Divinity, encouraging them to express their open hearts and unique gifts to Life. ‘Iolani’s special gifts are in creating Sacred Synergy in groups and Safe Magical Spaces for others to remember who they truly are, love and heal themselves free and manifest the desires of their Heart remembering their Soul Purpose. ʻIolani has served thousands around the world who are grateful for the encouraging all embracing love, life transformation and empowerment they have experienced with her. Many have said that ‘Iolani Grace walks where few dare to go, and with a Loving Presence, leaves no stone unturned.

Feel free to contact ʻIolani for a free consonlation or to produce events in your area. iolani@sanctuaryofilllumination.com +61 447 440 298