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ADELAIDE: Hawaiian Shamanic Healing Practices Workshop with ‘Iolani Grace from Byron Bay & California

HAWAIIAN SHAMANIC HEALING WORKSHOP *** What if you could experience greater mana (energy) feel deeper aloha, (compassionate love) and learn ways to heal yourself? *** What if you could discover and apply beautiful Ancient Hawaiian Principles and Healing Practices to improve your daily life? *** What if you could experience Inner Peace and a new Expanded Consciousness and Connectedness with all Life? *** + Imagine yourself able to strengthen your intuition, change your patterns and create the life you desire to live with ease and joy? I am 'Iolani Grace. This is my work and what we are doing together: Saturday 19th March 3 Hour Experienctial Workshop, 10:00-1:00pm (please arrive before 10 so we can begin on time, mahalo) $50 with Preregistration Payment by18 March $60 on Saturday at door Private Location, Text for Address and Detail Henley Beach, Adelaide, South Australia 'Iolani Grace has over 25 years of International Professional Experience teaching and offering private healing journeys in Hawaiian [...]


TRANCE DANCE & BREATH JOURNEY 4 Hour Journey, Once a month on Sundays 1-5 Yellow Church Yoga, 9 Myocum St Mullumbimby, Byron Shire, NSW All welcome - men & women, no experience necessary.     Trance Dance and Breath Journey offers you an opportunity to let go of old patterns, heal and open your heart, connect with and nourish your body dropping deeply into yourself. Together we will journey through various aspects of our body, mind and feelings allowing our Spirit and Soul to pour through. Powerful music, breath and your own Inner Being will guide your journey into your fuller expanded heart and greater freedom of self expression. After an hour of warm up then Trance Dance we will lye down for a conscious connected sacred healing Breath Journey. This is a cleansing, healing, nourishing and balancing journey through your whole being. A magical and powerful healing experience. We open and close this class in sacred circle. Join us and set [...]


RITE OF PASSAGE JOURNEY TO FREEDOM with 'Iolani Grace, The Heart Alchemist  at Hāloa Ka Hale O Ke Aloha, The Home of Love that Reaches Far, Mullumbimby, Byron Shire Hinterland, NSW 1-4  June 2017 31 August - 3 September 2017 16-19 November 2017 Are you ready to develop a greater space for listening to your Self, Nature & Others? Do you feel called to manifest your heart's desires? The time to come home to the true you is Now. In this 4 day Shamanic Journey to Freedom Rite of Passage, you will learn how to: Heal your inner child & reintegrate fragmented aspects of yourself. Break Patterns & strengthen your intuition through Life Shift Healing Release blockages & inhibitions to express yourself with ease & confidence Connect with your Body Temple & Deepen in self love. You will: Practice compassionate conscious communication & language Learn Shamanic Journey Yoga: awareness training, Body opening & body mapping Enter Shamanic Healing practices using breath, [...]

Manifest Your Dreams Workshop

An experiential workshop on Conscious Creation. Your time has come fulfill your hearts desires and live your Divine Destiny! In this ceremonial and experiential workshop you will… * Practice and integrate Spiritual Laws of Attraction and Manifestation * Deepen with your Divine Source, Strengthen your Inner Knowing * Remember and connect with your True Passions and Calling in Life * Be empowered to manifest the Desires of Your Heart * Increase your Confidence, Joy and Fulfillment Our ‘Rite of Passage’ into powerful life Manifestions will include… * Ceremony & Healing * Clearing of limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings * Creative Visualization & Meditation * Sacred Movement for Manifestation * Creating an Inspired Blueprint * Art and Writing, Voice and Sound * Practical Tools for Your Continual Mastery * Work with Angels and Ascended Masters * Sacred Breath Journeys, Rebirthing   Allow! Release! Be! Create! Express! Celebrate!


Lomilomi Hāloa with ‘Iolani Grace Private sessions available by appointment in Mullumbimby, Byron Shire & Sydney NSW, Melbourne, VIC, Brisbane & Gold Coast, QLD, Australia... Lomilomi Haloa is a journey of your soul experienced in the physical. It is ceremonial, prayerful, and loving bodywork that honors your entire being. Through this nurturing experience, in a safe space, you will release stress, tension and worries. You will reconnect with the divine within you and remember who you are. In this sacred opening, you are invited to heal yourself and be free. Come into Peace   In the fast pace of the world today we can easily forget to slow down and nurture ourselves. Mentally we become over-stressed and spiritually we forget who we are and disconnect. Our physical bodies accumulate aches, pain, tension and dis-ease. Your Hawaiian Temple Bodywork sessions are an opportunity to stop the fast pace and enter the moment. Here you may let go, feel what is in [...]

Hawaiian Temple Bodywork Intensive Training

Next 'Rite of Passage' Training Journey 8 Day Residential, Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia 11 - 18 April 2015 ... no experience required A Powerful Training Journey to immerse yourself in the teachings of Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, also known as Kahuna Bodywork, Lomilomi Ke Ala Hoku, Lomilomi Mauli Ola, The Dance of Angels and the Massage of Flight. Come and enter deep Aloha (Compassionate Love) and Lokahi (Oneness with all life) through Hawaiian Shamanic Practices which transform your life those you serve: * Kahuna Practices * Hawaiian Chanting & Hula * Ka Lele: Kahuna Breath and Movement Practice * Ho'omana Body Opening & Body Mapping * Transforming Ancient Hawaiian Principles * Learn & Embody Hawaiian Temple Bodywork Lomilomi Haloa Flier Link FB Invite Link Please register now for discounts and to reserve your space.


Your time has come to live your Divine Destiny!     In person, phone or skype sessions available Internationally.   In our world of great change and transformation everyone is needed! Now is the time to remember and bring forth your passions, gifts and innate talents to the greater world. We each come into this world with blessings to bring forth. If you are desiring to step into this place and free yourself from blockages, fears and limitations, Life Shift Coaching will support and encourage you to Live your Greater Life with Ease, Grace and Joy. 'Iolani's M.S.C. has over 25 years of experience holding space for others to free themselves and be encouraged and assisted to be all they have come to be. 'Iolani integrates her deep intuitive listening and a vast treasure box of tools and creative ways to support you in the perminent shifting of your life and living your greatest dreams. Email 'Iolani to schedule your [...]


Light Shift Healing Experiencing Heaven on Earth “Blessing Ritual” by Willow Arlena with Rev. ‘Iolani Grace Emmanuel , M.S.C. During this powerful time of change and transformation, what is old and no longer serves us is coming up for healing and release. It is important to be attentive to our thoughts, words, intentions, and actions as we choose our experience in each moment. As the vibration of our Mother Earth is rising and the magnetic field around her is lowering, time as we know it is speeding up. The Ascended Masters, Angels and company of Heaven are sending magnitudes of love, light, healing and assistance in all ways. In today's higher frequencies a call for a different way of living is upon us. The Divine within each of us is calling. Calling us to live our light, truth, discover, realize and create who we really are.We live in an transformational time. A powerful time. Being open in the moment, free [...]


“Dolphin World” by Willow Arlena The Sanctuary of Illumination offers private and  monthly Group Transformational Breath Journeys and Seasonal Water Rebirthing. The Breath of Life is magical, mystical and creates an experience of Oneness with Self and Life. In sacred space facilitated and held by 'Iolani, you will breath the dolphin breath or the conscious connected breath. Your body will be super oxygenated, cleansing, nourishing and balancing your body and entire being. Your cells breath in Light releasing the trauma or stresses stored there in. The tingling sensation is the Life Energy flowing through you in great magnitude. The experience is unique each time, profound, healing, magical and renewing. Water Rebirthing is an experience of Oneness with nature not to be missed. Ocean, stream and lake Breath Journey's will be offered monthly. Private Earth or Water Breath Journey's are available by appointment with 'Iolani Grace.   Dates and Water Locations coming soon.


      Dance your heart open, your mind expanded and your body free so your spirit can sing your souls song to Life through you! dates coming soon in Mullumbimby Forest Dance By Willow Arlenea Increase your ability to feel and move in compassionate reverence of all life. Experience oneness with Spirit through sacred dance and soul empowering music of the world. Let your spirit soar through your body. Break free from limitations, aches and pains emotionally and physically. Express the joy, alignment and unity of your entire being. Live your unique dance and creative intention. Together we will: create a safe space of compassion in motion to flow into your life sanctify, energize and free our bodies with the Divine Expression of who we truly are free ourselves of inhibition and confinement of self-expression open and free our voices and bodies, expressing our unique truth dance the magical moment of now, enter shamanic realms of your being raise [...]