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Cultural Day Fundraiser with Jingki Kerrianne Cox:


Matiu Te Huki has a back ground in traditional Maori performing arts, theater and fronting great bands with his powerful yet smooth, unique voice. He has performed with the likes of Fat Freddies drop, Rhombus, Pitch Black, Tiki Taane, Anika Moa and many more of New Zealand’s top artists. Matiu “The Hook” Te Huki is known for his amazing vocal skills and energy, his ability to powerfully connect with, hold and lift a crowd whilst either fronting a band, or as a solo artist. Matiu intuitively nurtures a deep connection with his audience creating the energy that opens portals of paradise.

As a singer songwriter, the soul stirring messages in Matiu’s music are positive, inspiring and unifying. His music has a strong Maori flavor using haka, chants and traditional Maori instruments.In his 3 hour workshop, Matiu will lead you on a scared journey of the voice and its connection to the land and spirit. You will learn the deeper meaning of traditional Maori songs and stories and come away feeling enriched and inspired. Dont miss out on this rewarding adventure into the musical roots of Aotearoa!


rainbow_afiaAfia Walking Tree, M.Ed, PhD is a world-class percussionist, cultural ambassador, spiritual activist, empowerment facilitator, leadership development advocate and trainer. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, she is currently based in Oakland, California.

Walking Tree’s holistic approach to her life and work is evident in her affirmation-based sound powah transpersonal workshops and energizing performances, which empower individuals and community through percussion, ritual, dance, song, and dialogue. She is called luminary trailblazer because of her innovative, joyful, constructive, and inspiring approach to envisioning, awakening, and freeing our collective voices. Many seasoned community leaders express that Walking Tree is one of the most dynamic facilitator and activist for humanity they have seen in action.





Djulz-ChambersDjulz Chambers

Living “in-spirit” with West African djembe music has offered Djulz the means by which to pursue her own relationship with the divine, and to interpret her own story through the beat of the drum. Throughout this journey it has been her honour to work in collaboration with teachers and students from all around the world who, like her, are walking the path toward themselves through the language of the drum.