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Kahuna is another Hawaiian word that is over used, misused and misunderstood.

Do you know what kahuna means?

Some think Kahuna is a massage technique, some think it has something to do with surfing and some think its the name of a store.

Actually the word Kahuna and Kāhuna are not casually or frequently spoken in Hawaiian Language. A reverence and respect comes with this word kahuna. If there are any kāhuna left there are not many. A kahuna is liken to a shaman, medicine person, expert on all levels, aspects and all dimensions in his or her field.

There used to be many types of kahuna from healers, navigators and more. Kahuna could see the unseen, know the unknown, touch the untouched and do what no one else does. Their training was extensive and nothing like what we know in todays world.


The now Ascended Kahuna, Kahu Abraham Kawaiʻi who brought great gifts into this world that continue to expand and blossom. Kahu I am so grateful!!! Mahalo nui loa!

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