What if you could release the limiting patterns from your past with ease, stop reacting and respond?

What if you could be emotionally balanced, more confident and truly be your best?

What if you could feel connected to your own clarity, inner strength and intuition?

What if you could trust yourself, your life and know you are manifesting your purpose?

Imagine being able to love deeper, live fuller and expand the joy in your life!

It is possible.

I am ‘Iolani Grace, The Heart Alchemist™, and I am a vessel that my I Am Presence and the Greater Presence of Life pours through. As facilitator, healer and teacher I support others in gracefully moving beyond their fears, claiming their Magnificence and Personal Power and living the life of their dreams.


Life Shift Healing & Coaching are one of my Gifts to Life. These sessions dramatically shift old patterns by healing old traumas. These sessions also teach you how to Trust: yourself, your life and your purpose. Each session is unique to meet your current needs and offers you practical and tangible practices that will set you Free.
Life Shift Healing, Coaching & Breath-work with ‘Iolani Grace: Making change throughout the world from the inside out!


Ongoing Life Shift Healings & Coaching is available through all modes of communication: in person, by phone, or Skype across Australia and internationally.

Please contact ‘Iolani for your free half hour consultation.
+61 447440298

‘Iolani Grace, The Heart Alchemist is a Professional International Healer, Dancer & Group Facilitator of 38 years.

Healing, Balancing and Inspiring: Heart, Mind, Body & Spirit!