‘Iolani Grace is taking appointments for Life Shift Healing sessions in Melbourne, Australia in July 2017!

Monday, 3 July

Tuesday, 4 July

Wednesday, 5 July


Life Shift Healing & Coaching is an opportunity for you to shift your perspective – day to day, moment to moment.

Life Shift Healing & Coaching are one of ‘Iolani Grace’s Gifts to Life. These sessions dramatically shift old patterns by healing old traumas and teach you how to Trust: yourself, your life and your purpose. Each session is unique to meet your current needs and offers you practical and tangible practices that will set you Free.

You will want to secure your spot for a face-to-face Life Shift Healing session as these are special times to connect with the grace that ‘Iolani offers in person! Ongoing Life Shift Healings & Coaching is available through all modes of communication: in person, by phone, or Skype across Australia and internationally.


Please contact ‘’Iolani to schedule your session.

Healing, Balancing and Inspiring: Heart, Mind, Body & Spirit!