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Sacred Facilitation & Leadership Training is designed to encourage, support and empower each participant desiring to Lead and Facilitate in a Sacred Way. In the Sacred Facilitation & Leadership Training you will be powerfully supported to discover and harness your innate gifts, bringing them into this world in Sacred, Honouring and Inspiring Ways. This training is overflowing with educational, transformational and  practical application for Sacred Facilitation, Leadership and Teaching as well as a personal spiritual journey. Remember and Be who you are fully! Teach what you know and is most natural to you. Lead with humble confidence and passion. Be a master at creating and facilitating Magical Sacred Space. Be an inspiration to others by  bringing your gifts into this world! Next Training Starts March 2016 Please notify 'Iolani with your interest and inquiries. 0447 440 298



Your time has come to live your Divine Destiny!     In person, phone or skype sessions available Internationally.   In our world of great change and transformation everyone is needed! Now is the time to remember and bring forth your passions, gifts and innate talents to the greater world. We each come into this world with blessings to bring forth. If you are desiring to step into this place and free yourself from blockages, fears and limitations, Life Shift Coaching will support and encourage you to Live your Greater Life with Ease, Grace and Joy. 'Iolani's M.S.C. has over 25 years of experience holding space for others to free themselves and be encouraged and assisted to be all they have come to be. 'Iolani integrates her deep intuitive listening and a vast treasure box of tools and creative ways to support you in the perminent shifting of your life and living your greatest dreams. Email 'Iolani [...]

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