LIFE SHIFT HEALING: Long Distance International Service

Life Shift Healings, Coaching & Breathwork  Private, Couples & Groups in Person and Long Distance via Phone Internationally Gracefully be guided and learn to Shift old pattering and ways of thinking, feeling, being and acting to a healthy more confident, loving and fulfilling way of your desire. Heal past traumas and wounds. Reintegrate yourself a new. Inner Child work, Inner female and male balancing, reunion and integration. Manifest your hearts desires and dreams with grace. Deepen in your Presence, inner and outer listening. By appointment.  Best contact text +61 440 440 298

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SHAMANIC BREATH & MOVEMENT Friday, 14 April 4 - 5 p.m. at the Teepee Consciously step into Mother Earth's energy field with Shamanic Breath & Movement. This hour workshop will introduce you to a powerful shamanic practice that combines breath and movement to shift your frequency and break through patterns from the past. As a sustained practice (beyond this introductory experience), these steps with the breath alter your entire state of being!   TRANCE DANCE & BREATH JOURNEY Saturday, 15 April 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. at the Dome Curated playlist, blindfold and free movement. What more could you ask for in a trance dance? The dance leads up to a breath journey..Imagine yourself lying on your back, blindfolded, being guided through a deep breathing exercise that takes you beyond any limitations or blockages in your life. This workshop is a treat for anyone ready to transcend to a new place of confidence, connection, freedom and joy! [...]



LIFE SHIFT BREATH JOURNEY: MONTHLY Transformational! Healing! Magical! SATURDAYS 1:30-4:30:: 13 June, 11 July, 15 August, 12 September. Yellow Church Yoga, 9 Myocum St  A Powerful Sacred Safe Space to renew and expand.  To breath out the old and breath in the new Greater YOU! Sacred Opening Circle, Trance Dance, Life Shift Breath Journey & Closing Circle Bring: All of you, water, blind fold and wear comfortable clothes. Your favourite blanket for the breath journey is nurturing if you feel as well.... or just come with all of you and you will be provided for! Fee $80, Discounts: $70 with registration by 1st of each month. All 4 for only $240 with registration by June 8th ($60 each)  Contact ʻIolani to register 0447 440 298, iolani@sanctuaryofillumination.com Click here for more information on Life Shift Breath Journeys

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 weekly WORLD PRAYERS CALLS, DECREES AND MEDITATION! Divine intervention is at hand for our Mother Earth and humanity, but most people donʻt realise how much difference we can make. By calling upon the Ascended and Angelic Hosts to blaze the Sacred Fire Activities and stop the destructive plans, purify the elements and protect life. Your voice and power of command as a sovereign Divine Being with Free Will can make a huge difference.      Join a few of us in Calling  forth the Greater to assist in every area of life from seeds, food, water supply, stopping war and terrorism, purifying and protecting life and so much more. Students of Life from around the world join in a 24 hour period every week to offer this service. Your voice will count! Thank you! Every Tuesday 5:30 p.m. Share Food. 7:00 p.m. World Calls and Meditation begin Confirm with ʻIolani to receive address in Mullumbimby 0447 440 298 No fee just your powerful [...]



Sacred Facilitation & Leadership Training is designed to encourage, support and empower each participant desiring to Lead and Facilitate in a Sacred Way. In the Sacred Facilitation & Leadership Training you will be powerfully supported to discover and harness your innate gifts, bringing them into this world in Sacred, Honouring and Inspiring Ways. This training is overflowing with educational, transformational and  practical application for Sacred Facilitation, Leadership and Teaching as well as a personal spiritual journey. Remember and Be who you are fully! Teach what you know and is most natural to you. Lead with humble confidence and passion. Be a master at creating and facilitating Magical Sacred Space. Be an inspiration to others by  bringing your gifts into this world! Next Training Starts March 2016 Please notify 'Iolani with your interest and inquiries. iolani@sanctuaryofillumination.com. 0447 440 298


GRACE: Sacred Retreat for Women

“Isis” by Willow Arlena GRACE Retreats are an opportunity to claim and embody our feminine magnificence. During such transformational times on earth, it is important to be centred and balanced in ourselves and our truth. A time to claim our voice with compassion and stand in our hearts with our full feminine power in alignment with our true self. It is a time to activate our Divine Feminine Blueprint and bring forth the healing Heart of the Goddess. A time to enhance Divine Will, harmonize our feelings and embrace the power of our Soul: All aspects of Divine Mother in us. As we anchor the Goddess I Am that we Are in our bodies we create a pathway for her/our full expression in our daily lives. Our soul holds our creative genious and great power to love unconditionally. Now is the time to unveil and discover our true feminine intuition, knowing, power, passion, beauty, wisdom, creativity, aliveness, Freedom [...]

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