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When: SUNDAY, 23 APRIL Where: AKA STUDIOS, 130 Nicholson St, Melbourne VIC 3057 The second of two workshops held by 'Iolani Grace this weekend - the Trance Dance & Breath Journey coupled with the Harmonious Courageous Communication Workshop will help you connect with your Voice. The journey on Sunday will build on the workshop from Saturday with a focus on courageously stepping forward so we can dance with life and those we love in harmonious connection. In the Trance Dance & Breath Journey workshops led by 'Iolani you travel beyond sensory limitations by dancing freely to a beautiful playlist full of inspiring and moving musical sounds while wearing a blindfold. The transformational climax of this journey is in the moments during the breath journey as you lie comfortably on your back, breathing deeply. This profound yet simple act takes you beyond sensory limitations so you can more fully connect with your Self. Harmoniously & Courageously step into the fullness [...]



LIFE SHIFT BREATH JOURNEY: MONTHLY Transformational! Healing! Magical! SATURDAYS 1:30-4:30:: 13 June, 11 July, 15 August, 12 September. Yellow Church Yoga, 9 Myocum St  A Powerful Sacred Safe Space to renew and expand.  To breath out the old and breath in the new Greater YOU! Sacred Opening Circle, Trance Dance, Life Shift Breath Journey & Closing Circle Bring: All of you, water, blind fold and wear comfortable clothes. Your favourite blanket for the breath journey is nurturing if you feel as well.... or just come with all of you and you will be provided for! Fee $80, Discounts: $70 with registration by 1st of each month. All 4 for only $240 with registration by June 8th ($60 each)  Contact ʻIolani to register 0447 440 298, Click here for more information on Life Shift Breath Journeys

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TRANCE DANCE & BREATH JOURNEY 4 Hour Journey, Once a month on Sundays 1-5 Yellow Church Yoga, 9 Myocum St Mullumbimby, Byron Shire, NSW All welcome - men & women, no experience necessary.     Trance Dance and Breath Journey offers you an opportunity to let go of old patterns, heal and open your heart, connect with and nourish your body dropping deeply into yourself. Together we will journey through various aspects of our body, mind and feelings allowing our Spirit and Soul to pour through. Powerful music, breath and your own Inner Being will guide your journey into your fuller expanded heart and greater freedom of self expression. After an hour of warm up then Trance Dance we will lye down for a conscious connected sacred healing Breath Journey. This is a cleansing, healing, nourishing and balancing journey through your whole being. A magical and powerful healing experience. We open and close this class in sacred circle. Join us and set [...]

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GRACE: Sacred Retreat for Women

“Isis” by Willow Arlena GRACE Retreats are an opportunity to claim and embody our feminine magnificence. During such transformational times on earth, it is important to be centred and balanced in ourselves and our truth. A time to claim our voice with compassion and stand in our hearts with our full feminine power in alignment with our true self. It is a time to activate our Divine Feminine Blueprint and bring forth the healing Heart of the Goddess. A time to enhance Divine Will, harmonize our feelings and embrace the power of our Soul: All aspects of Divine Mother in us. As we anchor the Goddess I Am that we Are in our bodies we create a pathway for her/our full expression in our daily lives. Our soul holds our creative genious and great power to love unconditionally. Now is the time to unveil and discover our true feminine intuition, knowing, power, passion, beauty, wisdom, creativity, aliveness, Freedom [...]

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