GRACE: Sacred Retreat for Women

“Isis” by Willow Arlena GRACE Retreats are an opportunity to claim and embody our feminine magnificence. During such transformational times on earth, it is important to be centred and balanced in ourselves and our truth. A time to claim our voice with compassion and stand in our hearts with our full feminine power in alignment with our true self. It is a time to activate our Divine Feminine Blueprint and bring forth the healing Heart of the Goddess. A time to enhance Divine Will, harmonize our feelings and embrace the power of our Soul: All aspects of Divine Mother in us. As we anchor the Goddess I Am that we Are in our bodies we create a pathway for her/our full expression in our daily lives. Our soul holds our creative genious and great power to love unconditionally. Now is the time to unveil and discover our true feminine intuition, knowing, power, passion, beauty, wisdom, creativity, aliveness, Freedom [...]

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