WHEN: SATURDAY, APRIL 22 WHERE: AKA STUDIO, 130 Nicholson St, Melbourne VIC 3057 Be empowered to communicate with Full Presence! Harmonious & Courageous Communication! In this experiential workshop you will: **Deepen with your Heart & your Inner Knowing **Connect with what you Desire & Require **Deepen in your Listening to self and another **Reclaim your true Voice & Self expression **Learn to Relax & Be connected while you communicate Come and celebrate you increasing your ability to connect with others without loosing yourself! Contact 'Iolani Grace to book in. Text or call Alana at 0416 576 976 for more information and to book! 'Iolani is also available for Private Life Shift Healing in Melbourne following the workshop - 24-27 April. Click here to learn more about Life Shift Healing & Coaching. Or contact Alana to book in. 'Iolani Grace has expertise in this realm and has served thousands to be true to themselves and be free! She is an International [...]


WHERE: WOODEND, VICTORIA (one hour drive from Melbourne) WHEN: 7-9 JULY --What if you fully gave yourself to the winter energies; deepening your listening, connection and communication within, with Creator, nature and each other? --What if you felt present in each moment, comfy in your body, warm in your heart, peace in your mind and deeply connected to your Infinite Source? --Imagine embracing powerful Self healing in sacred space….with beautiful people, creating family within ourselves and with each other! This is what we will be experiencing with ‘Iolani Grace, the Heart Alchemist, as she weaves this magical weekend with us all this July. ‘Iolani returns from North America and the Byron Shire with over 38 years International experience as a professional dancer, healer, teacher and inspired group facilitator. Join us as we Journey in... -Sacred Ceremony & Sharing Circles -Ancient Teachings, Wisdom & Principles -Shamanic Journey Yoga -Transformative Breath & Movement -Empowering Self Healing Practices -LifeShift Breathwork Journey -Eat Nourishing [...]


When: SUNDAY, 23 APRIL Where: AKA STUDIOS, 130 Nicholson St, Melbourne VIC 3057 The second of two workshops held by 'Iolani Grace this weekend - the Trance Dance & Breath Journey coupled with the Harmonious Courageous Communication Workshop will help you connect with your Voice. The journey on Sunday will build on the workshop from Saturday with a focus on courageously stepping forward so we can dance with life and those we love in harmonious connection. In the Trance Dance & Breath Journey workshops led by 'Iolani you travel beyond sensory limitations by dancing freely to a beautiful playlist full of inspiring and moving musical sounds while wearing a blindfold. The transformational climax of this journey is in the moments during the breath journey as you lie comfortably on your back, breathing deeply. This profound yet simple act takes you beyond sensory limitations so you can more fully connect with your Self. Harmoniously & Courageously step into the fullness of [...]