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SHAMANIC BREATH & MOVEMENT Friday, 14 April 4 - 5 p.m. at the Teepee Consciously step into Mother Earth's energy field with Shamanic Breath & Movement. This hour workshop will introduce you to a powerful shamanic practice that combines breath and movement to shift your frequency and break through patterns from the past. As a sustained practice (beyond this introductory experience), these steps with the breath alter your entire state of being!   TRANCE DANCE & BREATH JOURNEY Saturday, 15 April 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. at the Dome Curated playlist, blindfold and free movement. What more could you ask for in a trance dance? The dance leads up to a breath journey..Imagine yourself lying on your back, blindfolded, being guided through a deep breathing exercise that takes you beyond any limitations or blockages in your life. This workshop is a treat for anyone ready to transcend to a new place of confidence, connection, freedom and joy! [...]



'Iolani Grace is taking appointments for Life Shift Healing sessions in Melbourne, Australia in July 2017! Monday, 3 July Tuesday, 4 July Wednesday, 5 July   Life Shift Healing & Coaching is an opportunity for you to shift your perspective - day to day, moment to moment. Life Shift Healing & Coaching are one of 'Iolani Grace's Gifts to Life. These sessions dramatically shift old patterns by healing old traumas and teach you how to Trust: yourself, your life and your purpose. Each session is unique to meet your current needs and offers you practical and tangible practices that will set you Free. You will want to secure your spot for a face-to-face Life Shift Healing session as these are special times to connect with the grace that 'Iolani offers in person! Ongoing Life Shift Healings & Coaching is available through all modes of communication: in person, by phone, or Skype across Australia and internationally.   Please contact ‘'Iolani [...]

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When: SUNDAY, 23 APRIL Where: AKA STUDIOS, 130 Nicholson St, Melbourne VIC 3057 The second of two workshops held by 'Iolani Grace this weekend - the Trance Dance & Breath Journey coupled with the Harmonious Courageous Communication Workshop will help you connect with your Voice. The journey on Sunday will build on the workshop from Saturday with a focus on courageously stepping forward so we can dance with life and those we love in harmonious connection. In the Trance Dance & Breath Journey workshops led by 'Iolani you travel beyond sensory limitations by dancing freely to a beautiful playlist full of inspiring and moving musical sounds while wearing a blindfold. The transformational climax of this journey is in the moments during the breath journey as you lie comfortably on your back, breathing deeply. This profound yet simple act takes you beyond sensory limitations so you can more fully connect with your Self. Harmoniously & Courageously step into the fullness [...]


ADELAIDE: Hawaiian Shamanic Healing Practices Workshop with ‘Iolani Grace from Byron Bay & California

HAWAIIAN SHAMANIC HEALING WORKSHOP *** What if you could experience greater mana (energy) feel deeper aloha, (compassionate love) and learn ways to heal yourself? *** What if you could discover and apply beautiful Ancient Hawaiian Principles and Healing Practices to improve your daily life? *** What if you could experience Inner Peace and a new Expanded Consciousness and Connectedness with all Life? *** + Imagine yourself able to strengthen your intuition, change your patterns and create the life you desire to live with ease and joy? I am 'Iolani Grace. This is my work and what we are doing together: Saturday 19th March 3 Hour Experienctial Workshop, 10:00-1:00pm (please arrive before 10 so we can begin on time, mahalo) $50 with Preregistration Payment by18 March $60 on Saturday at door Private Location, Text for Address and Detail Henley Beach, Adelaide, South Australia 'Iolani Grace has over 25 years of International Professional Experience teaching and offering private healing journeys in Hawaiian [...]

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