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From personal Hawaiian Temple Bodywork sessions with Rev. ‘Iolani 

” Thank you ‘Iolani! I love your work. I remember who I am.”   ~ Alex Baldwin, Actor, Los Angeles, New York City    

“…The waves faded out to tribal drums overlaid with Hawaiian chants as ‘Iolani’s forearms kneaded and rolled across the landscape of my body. She lifted and cradled me, rocking me in the arms of the mother, sweeping me into her grace. I became wide open and receptive. In the spirit of Aloha, unconditional love, I felt like a newborn babe, soft and silky.”

~from Sweat Your Prayers by Gabrielle Roth,
Internationally renowned movement/theater artist, author and music artist/producer

“Rev. ‘Iolani gave me an initiation into the deeper mysteries of massage.        ~ Tim Booth, Singer/songwriter, London

“I have been the beneficiary for well many years of Rev. ‘Iolani’s expertise in Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. I find that ‘Iolani’s work is extremely nourishing and refreshing. Out of a tired frame, she makes a serene and focused spirit. She is able to relieve physical and emotional stress in a very loving and creative fashion. She helps to restore confidence and buoyancy and energy. As a result of my experience with ‘Iolani, I have referred many friends and relatives to her, and they would corroborate with these positive views”                      ~ David Rockefeller, Jr., Previous Chairman, Rockefeller & Co., NYC

From Private Ceremonial Lomilomi Haloa Sessions

“I was able to achieve a state of rapture that felt like I was dancing in the heavens. ‘Iolani creates the vehicle to be transported and nurtured in a way that puts you into a total trust of the moment and allows you to free yourself.”                      ~ Peter Roth, Healer, Founder of the Heart River Healing School, New York City

“My sessions with Rev. ‘Iolani put me in touch with my soul and allowed me to soar in life.”                                                                Danese Smalls, Designer, New York City

“My experience of ‘Iolani’s work is like a visit to an ancient time and space. It feels sacred, holy and at the same time wild.”                                                                                              Mary Huse, Licensed Acupuncturist, Santa Cruz, California

“I had long envied those who had described spiritual experiences, where they leave their bodies, meet their guides, feel completely surrounded by love, and that’s what Rev. ‘Iolani gave me. When I sat up on the table my first question was, ‘Is it still Tuesday?’ I felt like I had traveled through time and space and had been gone for days. It was magic, like the magic seen in movies and read about in books.

“When her hands touch you, it is the touch of peace. When her arms hold you, it is more love than a mother’s embrace. Your spirit expands and takes in more light and energy. I had always wanted to know my spirit and myself; I was given the keys and shown how to open the door.

“The experience lasts for weeks after, and the strength to reach for your heart’s desire never ebbs. It was an experience I couldn’t wait to tell people and encourage them to seek out.” ~ Crissy Richmond, Wardrobe, Broadway Shows, NYC

From Hawaiian Temple Bodywork Intensives

” To have the space to go deeper than ever before – to reach the places hidden deep within. That is what is so beautiful about this Hawaiian Temple Bodywork Intensive Journey ”                                                                                                                      ~Amber Butler, Lomilomi Haloa Practitioner, Peru/Byron Bay

“My Journey with ‘Iolani Grace and the Lomilomi Haloa pathways has given me the direction and space to delve deep into my being. All of my Intensive Trainings and Refinement Days with ‘Iolani have been some of the most amazing moments in my life. These times and teachings have helped refresh and guide me to new awareness and principles that have enhanced my life and the way I move in this world.

I feel so grateful to of met ‘Iolani and to learn from her. She is so attentive and loving to all moments of life that you feel her full presence. ‘Iolani quickly gained my complete confidence in her guidance, which has led me to a place of greater consciousness, attentiveness, lightness and peace. Of course there is still much more to learn, and the Lomilomi lifestyle offers never ending ways of moving to more joy. When Lomilomi is taught by a truly amazing teacher like ‘Iolani, it is a true way to go forward in all aspects of life.                                                                                                                                                   ~Mahalo and deep deep gratitude, Alana Siddle, Artist, Lomilomi Haloa Practitioner, Melbourne

“We gathered together, not quite knowing what these five days would bring, but it turned into a Homecoming. A reconnecting. As the work we began to learn helped us set our masts and open to our magnificence, a beautiful reawakening occurred. It’s slightly shaky ground I’m walking on now, charged with the power, and sometimes chaos of my higher evolution. But for me there is no going back. ‘Iolani has lovingly and wisely led us out to the edge of our limitations, and I am on Holy Ground.   ~ Liz Abbott, Mother, Massachusetts

“I watched the work, I gave the work, I received the work, and all of those experiences moved me to tears. It is now completely natural to continue to do this work at home with friends. My life has transformed.”                                                         ~ Roberta Halpern, Teacher, Artist, Dancer, Lomilomi Haloa Practitioner, Chicago

“It’s really hard for me to articulate the experience of the five-day intensive I attended. All I can say is…wow!”                            ~ Vanessa S. Lopez, Computer Wizard, New York City

“‘Iolani has so much of a connection with the energy of the space and everyone in it that I felt her arms embraced the temple for the entire five days!”      ~ Valerie Hawkins, Broadway Singer/Actress, New York City

“The magic of life includes the fact that when we are ready and willing to do the work, and are open to heal and grow from, through and beyond our past, the right healer, teacher, guide and techniques come into our lives. Such is my experience of meeting and working with Rev. ‘Iolani.”   ~ Hadi, Healer, New York City

“‘Iolani creates a safe space that allows you to free your essence and expand it to its greatest potential.”

~ Josh Weinstein, Actor, Massage therapist

“‘Iolani’s Hawaiian Temple Bodywork Intensive was a very powerful and transformational week.”

~ Cindy Sisk, Healer

“Loving, healing, renewing…Lomilomi Mauli Ola is not just a wonderful massage technique ~ it’s a journey for the soul, a clearing for the mind, an opening of the heart, a dance with life. A very human experience of aloha lead by a very talented and supportive kumu!

~ Anita J. Webb, CMP

From Ka Lele: Hawaiian Healing Flight of Creation classes

“When I am doing Ka Lele, it is a navigation through my life. I bring my hopes and dreams from the future into my present.”

~ Joan Malone, Human Resources

Ka Lele is an inner journey to be free. It has helped me open up from my heart and feel the compassion within.”

~ Maryanne Savino, Healer

“The essence of Ka Lele broke through every cell in my body to reveal my true deep desires of self, uncovering my passion for life.”

~ John Easton, Financial Advisor

From Women of the Goddess Empowered Joyshops

“The Joyshop with ‘Iolani is a sojourn into the temple of a goddess that lives within all women. Through ritualistic prayer, dance, sound, breathing and meditation, the feminine spirit within me was awakened and released into a powerful energy which calmed, soothed, protected and healed. Never in my life did I feel safer.”

~ Carol Albertus, Mother, Management Consultant

“In the women’s intensive joyshop� I was able to stretch beyond my limiting concepts and see my true self clearly. All that we shared together brought me to new levels of awareness, acceptance and freedom of myself and my feminine energy.”

~ Linda Barrett, NYC Options Trader, Stock Exchange

“Rev. ‘Iolani wove a prayer in a space that alchemically revealed a powerful place within where I met and danced with my connected self, my authentic self, my goddess self, my joyfilled self. A self that I was in celebration with. Thank you Rev. ‘Iolani!”

~ Mara Freedman, Bodyworker, Director of a London Alternative Cancer Clinic

“The weekend experience was very powerful in that it helped me to acknowledge and release some very deep and contained emotions within me. This was a major breakthrough for me; resulting in a new beginning. I highly recommend doing it.”

~ Beverly Ort, Manager, Professional Services

“Iolani’s Goddess Retreat was full of love, Spirit, energy, and laughter! ‘Iolani has a way of providing a nurturing container while raising the energy of the group through powerful rituals, body movement, sound and breathwork. I left feeling very much alive and happy to have met so many terrific women.”

~ Stephanie Dworkin, Artist

“Rev. ‘Iolani is an inspired, masterful weaver of the sacred and the sensual. The women’s joyshop was a beautiful reminder of the preciousness of sisterhood. For me it was a reclaiming of joy, vitality and wonder of my own body and the gift and power of embodying the Divine Feminine. I felt blessed to be guided by such an inspiring woman.”

~ Hadi, Healer