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Undergraduate Study

Open Days and visiting

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Summer Open Days

188bet亚洲体育在线APP的夏日开放已经结束,但你仍然可以 join our online open day.


Online Open Day – Wednesday 13th July 2022 

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188bet亚洲体育在线APP的一些课程在Penryn(康沃尔)和188bet注册两个校区都有教授,有些则只在一个校区有教授. Before booking your Open Day, please check the course you are interested in; noting that modules are different for subjects taught at both campuses. You can view course details and location here.

Autumn Open Days

We will be holding Open Days in the Autumn term:


德文郡188bet注册校区- 9月10日星期六和10月29日星期六

Booking for these events will be opening in July. 如果您希望188bet亚洲体育在线APP在您预订这些日期时通知您, 请填妥188bet亚洲体育在线APP的查询表格,188bet亚洲体育在线APP会尽快电邮你所提供的地址.

Enquiries form

Virtual Open Day portal

You can view talks from subject tutors, 来一次虚拟校园之旅,在188bet亚洲体育在线APP的网站上随时获取一些申请的技巧 Virtual Open Day page.

Upcoming undergraduate events

188bet亚洲体育在线APP的奖学金持有者参观日已经结束,但您仍有很多机会参观188bet亚洲体育在线APP的校园. 188bet亚洲体育在线APP将在复活节假期以及学期期间每周安排额外的校园参观活动. To book please visit here.

从3月到5月,188bet亚洲体育在线APP还有在线品鉴会. 关于如何预订这些课程的详细信息在您收到您的报价后发送给您的电子邮件中.

如果您在预订时遇到任何困难,请使用 our enquiry form for assistance.

We have recently launched 360虚拟校园参观188bet亚洲体育在线APP在德文郡和康沃尔郡美丽的校园 that allow you to take a look around the campuses, their grounds and facilities including accommodation, sports centre, library, seminar rooms and lecture theatres.

188bet亚洲体育在线APP将继续在所有校园举办学生导览活动. 188bet亚洲体育在线APP提供的不同课程和它们的教学地点的信息可以在这里找到.

To book your place, please select the campus below.

除了开放日,为什么不参加188bet亚洲体育在线APP的探索大学系列呢? 活动包括由188bet亚洲体育在线APP的学术团体提供的定期主题具体会议, 以及选择大学课程的信息和指导, writing a personal statement, navigating the UCAS process and more! Each session includes a live Q&A with University of Exeter staff or students, 它提供了一个很好的机会来了解188bet注册的生活和学习.

点赞并关注188bet亚洲体育在线APP的Facebook页面,可以收到定期更新的消息, and book your place on the Discover University page.

Further information


Penryn Campus near Falmouth in Cornwall

Our Penryn Campus 位于法尔茅斯附近热闹的Penryn海滨社区, 这里有活跃的社交氛围和迷人的海岸线.

Streatham and St Luke’s campuses in Exeter, Devon

The Streatham and St Luke’s campuses 都位于188bet注册市中心附近,位于美丽的德文郡.